Some Unknown But Interesting Facts About BlackBerry

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A lot of people today own, use and are even addicted to the phones of BlackBerry, but there are only a few who are really aware of the history BlackBerry or Research In Motion the company which actually makes all these devices.

So here are some unknown but very amazing and interesting facts about the BlackBerry.

1.Research In Motion which is a Canada-based company has been manufacturing and designing the Blackberry devices since 1996.

2.The device got this fruity name after a person had noted that its keys seemed to be like a group of seeds. After going through a several seed based fruits, finally the team had settled on the name BlackBerry as most of its devices were black in color at that time.

3.The first commercially launched BlackBerry device was released as a two-way pager in 1999.

4.Some features of the first Blackberry:

  • Email and WAP service.
  • HTML access via third party software.
  • Monochrome Text Display.
  • Java access via Java.
  • Virtual Machine add-on.

5.Since the 1990s more than ten models of BlackBerry has been introduced and sold. Around 40+ million units of all these models have been sold till today.

6.BlackBerry phones are majorly known for providing the most messaging feature that any other smartphones.

7.BlackBerry Internet Service allows its devices to use a very less usage of data transfer compared to any other smartphone while still providing the same amount of information.

8.The internet services of BlackBerry is available in around 91 countries and on over 500 mobile service operators.


Perks Of An Ideal Membership Management Software

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Do you still find difficulty in keeping up with your members by using several software tools? Are you still using spreadsheets for keeping up everything manually?

A membership management software can prove to be vital in carrying out your A to Z tasks , whether it is managing data of the members or building up a communication with them.

A lot of organizations are opting for Membership Management Software by chamberdesk as they are proven to be very effective for carrying out various types of management tasks.

So let us have a look at how powerful a membership management software can be.

Customize Your Membership Setup

A lot of membership management software provide you with certain features using which you will be able to customize your membership type, membership applications, renewal notices, and reminders.

Set Granular Member Permission

A management software caters selective control settings, through which you will have a full control on which content users should be allowed to access and update. Allowing distributor authorship allows your members to update articles, create events and share photos, which will save a vital amount of time and also help you in enhancing member’s experience.

Easily Search And Find Members

By using a membership management software auto-generated member profiles can be easily accessed and updated through a password and username. Members  can easily update their photos and input vital contact details which are either to be set as private or public.

So one thing can be concluded that membership management software is one of the most valuable assets for a company to maintain harmonious relations between their members and manage their sophisticated data very easily.


Now Save $$$ When You Shop Using Coupons

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A few years back people experienced financial crisis, which made it clear that they would have to either find some other better ways to earn more money or to start saving from what they have now. Finding a way to make more money is not that easy and so finding a way to save more money is important. So this is where coupons come for people’s rescue. So let’s check out the ways on how you can find coupons.

Look for deal in coupon database

What if you are stuck at payment section without a coupon code? No issues. You can find one from the coupon database like Voucher Codes. It comes with online coupons for a number of retailers. You can even find the best deals all at one place. Though you can find many coupons online, you are sure to find the best deal here at the above site.

Find the right time

Set a reminder on your phone or mark on your calendar to keep an eye on deals. Mostly new deals come at three times in a month i.e in the beginning and end as well as in the middle. So you will find vouchers during these following days, 1st-3rd, 14-16th and from 28th.

Look at the competition

It really takes a great effort to visit different sites and look for coupons and deals. Instead of that, now you can simply visit a deal site and see which store has something best to offer you.

Keep an eye on expiration dates

Coupons and vouchers come with expiry dates. Many stores expire the discount vouchers earlier if they find either the shortage of products or more demand for them. So a voucher available today may not be available tomorrow. Most of the deal sites, update their deals daily so that customers get fresh deals every time.

Don’t limit at Google

When you search a code for a store on Google, you will come up with deals that are common or generic. This means it is not sure that you are getting the best discount. So better check the retail store and deal site to know what the store really offers now. This way people will be able to save maximum.

Shop more

Some shops offer a special discount when you make a purchase of certain value. So better shop all non-perishable essentials in bulk and get the discount. If you are in no position to buy such high quantity products, better ask someone to join you in the shopping.

So keep these money saving tips on the mind and enjoy what you call shopping.



Blackberry Phones Which Have Been Popular Around The World

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Still today also Blackberry phones are rated as the most popular brand of smartphones and especially among the corporate world. There was a time when Blackberry was the king of the smartphone market with Nokia before the existence of iPhone and Android phones. He presence of iPhone and Google’s Android OS has affected its market, but Blackberry still has a strong place in the corporate worlds as it is still the most secure messaging and emailing platform for mobiles.

Majorly this is the reason why a large number of professionals still prefer Blackberry phones compared to other mobile phones.

Here are some of the models of Blackberry Mobiles which are still popular today and are available in the market.

Blackberry Torch 9800

This phone is the latest edition of Blackberry mobiles and is considered to be as one of the best phones. This phone consists a 3.2 inch TFT captive touchscreen with a 360×480 resolution. It caters latest Blackberry 6 OS. It also consists its trademark Blackberry Qwerty Keypad and the optical trackpad. It comes with 512 MB RAM along with 4 GB internal memory and external memory support which can be expandable up to 32 GB. Blackberry Torch caters a 5MP auto-focus camera with an LED flash. The moral of the story is that Blackberry Torch is a complete package.

Blackberry Strom2 9520

Are you a lover of large displays and touch screens? Then this phone is perfect for you? The next version of Blackberry Storm, Storm 2 caters an amazing 3.25 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen. Blackberry Storm2 features Sure Press technology alongside Sure Type which allows speedy and more intuitive typing and feedback. The iconic feature of Storm 2 is its battery life which can last for around 48 hours which us way more compared to other touchscreen smartphones. If your major requirement is email, messaging and web browsing then Blackberry Storm 2 is the best one for you.

Blackberry Bold 3 9780

This phone is best if you are a fan of the standard Blackberry form factor i.e.the Qwerty keypad. This phone is one of the latest editions of the blackberry phones and it comes with a Blackberry OS 6. The screen of this phone is of 2.44 inches and comes with 480×360 pixels resolution. It caters it’s, as usual, the amazing qwerty keypad with a touch sensitive optical trackpad. It comes with a 5 MP camera and an LED Flash. It comes with a superb battery life and with some usual features such as 3G, Wi-Fi, global roaming facility and GPS navigation.

Blackberry Curve 3G 9300

It is the upgraded version of the Blackberry Curve 8520 which comes with a 2.46-inch screen and a resolution of 320×240 pixels, touch-sensitive optical trackpad, and standard Blackberry Qwerty keypad. It caters some general connectivity options such as global roaming, 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS navigation which supports both Blackberry maps and Google Maps. It consists of a Blackberry OS 5.0 which can be upgraded. The camera of this phone is on a bit lower side, as it is just of 2 MP. But the battery life of this phone is amazing as it can last up to 2 days with a normal usage of 3G active.